Monthly Challenge: #BrideTribe

The next in our Monthly Challenge series is all about celebrating the wonder of the women who lift, support and celebrate us. That’s right, it’s #BrideTribe month.

There are few things in life more touching that witnessing the very special relationship between brides and the women they call on to support them through their wedding process. Often the result of years of friendship, sisterhood and trust, a wedding can as much be a celebration of these very special relationships as it is about marital union.

You guys blew us away with your submissions! Here are some of the gorgeous shots that we couldn’t wait to for this monthly challenge: #BrideTribe.

Photographer: Larissa Marie

Photographer: Emily Hary

Photographer: Hana Alsoudi

Photographer: Dakota Chasity

Next month, we’ll be sharing shots of Happy Tears. Head over to our Facebook group and tag your entry #HappyTears (remember to include your insta handle!) and show us your most emotional, heartwarming images.


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