Pros and Cons of having a Christmas Wedding

For most, Spring or Summer are the sought-after wedding seasons; you’ve got more chance of dry weather and formal dressing is far easier sans warm layers.

But, for those with a little more fire in their belly, choosing to book a Winter wedding can bring unique opportunities and exciting obstacles to overcome. With a little creativity and gusto, planning an off-season wedding is a fulfilling achievement!

If you’ve always been someone to go against the grain, break the status quo and do things a little differently to everyone else, then you may well be considering a yuletide wedding. To help you make up your mind, let’s explore the pros and cons of having a Christmas wedding.

Photographer: Brooke Womack

The pros: Christmas-time is all about bringing people together

If your winters tend to get cold and snowy, you can almost certainly discount the option of an outdoor wedding, but with the right lighting and decor, you can transform rooms into other-worldly spaces to host your wedding.

Picture it: the long night starts to draw in, just as your guests enter a dining room, adorned with decorations and twinkly lights. Making everyone feel warm and cozy will dial up the love in the room even more, for sure.

Photographer: Liv Hettinga

The pros: Your guests won’t be suffering wedding-season-fatigue

It’s a real thing: when you’ve got wedding week and week to attend, it all becomes a bit samey-samey and you lose your enthusiasm for the event. However, by booking a Christmas wedding, you’ll benefit from having your guests full energy, as they’ll have had a break to recover from all the Spring and Summer weddings they attended earlier in the year.

Photographer: Nathaly Norman

The pros: Snowy scenes make for stunning photoshoots

With a beautiful blanket of as a white back-drop, your wedding photos are going to be phe-nom-en-al!! Not only will the landscape allow any color you’re wearing — in your make-up, flowers or clothing itself — to really pop, it will tie the whole scene together and make your photographs postcard picture perfect.

Photographer: Victoria Black 

The cons: You can’t control the weather

So whilst fluffy white snow can transform a conventional wedding shoot into an artistic masterpiece, Mother Nature can of course wreak real havoc on the day with heavy rain, snow blizzards or any other type of adverse weather, which tends to be more prevalent during winter months.

The cold can also be a problem on it’s own, especially for older and infant guests. So what can you do to prepare? Why not use some of the money you’ve saved on supplier quotes, to purchase lots of blankets and wraps for guests to use whilst they’re waiting for the ceremony to start? Little things like that can make all the difference.

Photographer: Autumn Walker 

The cons: Winter venue bookings tend to come with a big price-tag

When you’re planning a wedding, no matter what time of year, you should seldom take a venue’s first quote as the price you’ll pay. Nevertheless, you should prepare yourself to have weaker bargaining power when you’re planning a Christmas wedding. The holidays are notoriously expensive for event-planning, so haggle hard to get a price you’re comfortable with.

Photographer: Tara Burnett

The cons: You may not get the flowers you’ve dreamt of

If you’ve had a strong idea in your mind about the type of bouquet you want to hold on your wedding day, you may need to be flexible with your vision if you’re looking to host a Christmas wedding.

Many types of flowers won’t naturally be in bloom in the colder months, so you may struggle to find them — or have to rely on shipping them in, which brings its own set of costs and risks to consider.

Instead, why not look to some classic Christmas blooms, such as Red Poinsettia, or even Orchids or Lillies, which both look beautiful when set in a wedding environment. You can always let your guests take the table-centers with them, to decorate their homes for the festive period!

Oh, and we can’t fail to mention a little mistletoe here and there… the ideal way to encourage new friends to meet!

So there you have it…

…three pros and three cons to having a Christmas wedding. If you feel up to the challenge, a ceremony at this time of year can truly be memorable, atmospheric and unique.

Add a little of your creative flair to overcome any challenges, and it’ll be the best Christmas you’ve ever had! Need a hand picking the perfect readings for your big day? Here are our favourite unique wedding readings that will have your guests in tears.