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DBMH Camp'19



When we were developing DBMH CAMP, our desire was to create an amazing creative learning environment for our speakers, our vendors, and our attendees. It’s not about one person. It’s about the community.

The time is now, and we are bursting at the seams with excitement to share that journey with you. This workshop is the culmination of months of dreaming, planning, wishing and a little bit of praying. We can hardly believe the time has come to invite you along.

DBMH Camp is the ultimate creative soul gathering for wild wedding photographers. Set in Yosemite, this 5 (yep, 5) day immersive experience will push you to your limits, both on a personal and professional level.

Expect adventure, new friendships and to be exhausted after learning from four incredible speakers but who are experienced and impressive educators.

Think of this not as a photography workshop, but a chance to discover your unique - and innate - creative potential.

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Your experience

How do you want to grow?

DBMH Camp isn’t for everyone. Over the course of a week, we will guide you, challenge you, push you to take this experience and apply it to your life and your business. We don’t want you to leave without all the tools you need to develop an authentic voice, develop relationships with your clients, and express yourself creatively.

You’re going to hike. Uphill. We’ll put on our hiking boots and head into the heart of Yosemite to learn from some of the industry’s top wedding photographers while stretching ourselves as artists. You’ll learn about the various elements of not just running a successful photography business, but also how to be a healthy, happy, motivated wedding photographer, and how to let your inner creative genius shine.


Imagine if a summer camp fell in love with a photography workshop: this would be their love child.

You’re going to learn a lot about light. Yes, we want to push your practical technique as a photographer. We’re setting up styled shoots for every time of day - sunrise, sunset, midday, and indoors so you leave unafraid of any lighting situation.

You’re going to have to be a little vulnerable. We want to show you how to create the best experience imaginable for your couples. How to take photos they love, build relationships that will last for years, and when their friends ask for photography recommendations, you’re the only name on their lips.


Come as strangers, leave as friends!

This is going to be a jam packed week. But we want you to find time to refresh and reset, too. From morning yoga to campfires in the evenings, we’ll support you as you build meaningful and authentic relationships during the workshop.

The workshop is limited to 30 people so we can give each and every one of you the attention and focus that you deserve while building a solid community. Not only that but because the staff of DBMH will be there, alongside the staff of Autocamp Yosemite, you will be taken care of if you need something.


When do we go?

We will arrive on May 19th and and say our tearful goodbyes on the morning of May 24th.


It’ll be guided by

Photography legends Benj Haisch, Anni Graham, Peyton Rainey Byford, and Janelle Elise, with styling and design by Mae & Co Creative.


Benj Haisch

I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2007 and in that time have photographed hundreds of weddings and elopements. Being a wedding photographer is absolutely an honor. There are generations of relationships and more depth than any one person could experience. We’re going to work on cultivating relationships, leaving a legacy instead of a stream of likes, and learn to create photos that stand the test of time, ones that your couples will continue to share, print, and hang for decades.


Anni Graham

"I want to travel, I want to shoot elopements, I want to stand out”. This is what every mentee and workshop student tells me. I‘ll to break down what it’s going to take to book weddings in new places and get paid for them. I’ll teach you how to brand yourself and how to market yourself. We’ll go over what makes a beautiful photograph, and how to take photos that are strong, unique, and real… ones that represent you.

None of it will be easy. Will we show you a copy-and-paste style method for success? No. But using the experiences of the teachers as inspiration, you’ll find the support you need to find your own unique voice.


Peyton Rainey Byford

Something I’m really excited to talk about is standing out in a "saturated" industry. I know that traveling for weddings looks glamorous, but we’re going to be really digging into whether it’s for you, and if it is, how to book them. I truly believe there isn’t just one way to shoot, to edit, and to be successful. Instagram doesn't define success. Loving your work and getting paid to do what you love is what ought to define success.
Plus, we’re going to dive into taxes, finances, and all the nitty gritty stuff, too. You’ll come out feeling inspired and prepared to take on your wedding season.


Janelle Elise

The photography industry can feel isolating and competitive, but this week is going to be about becoming real friends with other photographers, encouraging and empowering each other so we all become better artists and business owners.
Let’s make loyal “fans” out of our clients. We’re going to discover how to ditch the checklist and create a comfortable environment where moments unfold naturally. I’m going to help you get raw emotion from your couples by gaining their trust. It’s not a list of tricks. You’ll learn not how to copy, but how to let your clients open up with you. I promise it’s going to be awesome, just like you.

Expect adventure, new friendships and to be exhausted after learning from four incredible speakers.

Styling by

Manda of MAE & CO Creative

I have been designing and styling for over four years and I absolutely adore making clients’ dreams and visions come to life. MAE&CO specializes in intimate weddings and elopements as well as photoshoots and brands. We are insanely passionate about entrepreneurship. And we help creatives through workshops and mentorships find their voice and built a brand that truly represents them (and pays the bills!).
We are so excited to be designing and styling for DBMH Camp and can’t wait to see the magic we all create and capture together! I’ll be teaching about content creation, brand building, and how to style shoots and elopements because while designers and stylists make your life easier, not every couple can hire one.”


Where will we be?

We will be staying in these comfy Airstreams at Autocamp Yosemite


What will I be learning?

  • How to build an authentic, compelling brand

  • How to find your style and own it

  • How to prevent burn out and find balance

  • How to make your business sustainable

  • Lighting, composition, and how to break the rules once you’ve mastered them

  • Leave No Trace ethics and how to photograph on public lands

  • How to attract your dream clients & be a dream yourself for them

  • SEO, and also not putting all your eggs in the Instagram basket

  • and more…


Let’s talk money

$3,900 covers your whole week of lodging, food, education, styled shoots, and fun! We have a payment plan available, but if you’re ready to pay in full, the price drops to $3,700!


What’s included?!

Tie your hair back, put on your rubber-soled shoes, and get ready to work. We’ll be taking you through 4 action-packed days, that are full-to-bursting with adventure.


You’ll get

  • 5 days and 5 nights accommodation in a classic Airstream stocked with coffee, tea, your favorite breakfast foods and snacks galore. (note: you’ll be roomies with one other amazing attendee, each of you with your own bed)

  • Each day, you’ll get presentations, Q&As and guided styled shoots with one of our four incredibly brilliant speakers

  • Breakout sessions with Mae & Co Creative and Yosemite Conservancy

  • Four styled shoots including two elopements in Yosemite, an adventure session, and a cozy in home shoot in an Airstream

  • All transportation to and from shoots

  • Healthy, delicious food as well as water and all the La Croix you can drink for the entire workshop

  • Morning yoga sessions led by Kelly Mitchell, an accredited yoga instructor

  • Campfires, hammocks, sunrise hikes, endless coffee and new friendships

  • A donation to Leave No Trace because we believe in protecting the land we’ll be enjoying for future generations to enjoy as well

What you need to cover yourself:

  • Transportation to and from Autocamp Yosemite


How do I know this is the workshop for me?

  • you’re serious about honing your skills and finding your creative edge

  • you’re ready to make authentic friendships with people in the industry

  • you’re burnt out and you’re ready to build a sustainable business that lasts longer than a couple of years

  • you want to build the best possible relationship with your clients and capture moments that people will cherish

  • and you want to take amazing photos while hiking in Yosemite, or experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime stay in an Airstream with fellow creatives.

Ok - that’s it. I’m sold. Now what?


Ok, I’m in. Is it difficult to get to there?

No! Autocamp Yosemite is located a few miles outside of Mariposa, CA in Midpines. The closest airports are Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT). We’ll be in touch via email and create a Facebook group for everyone coming to the workshop with transportation recommendations. It’s not tricky, but we’ll make sure you’re supported as you find your way to DBMH Camp.

You say it’s all-inclusive. What does that mean?

Once you arrive at the workshop, we’ll take care of everything. All of your accommodation, shoots, food, drinks, education, inspiration, ‘smores by the campfires, yoga, and yes that includes snacks. No one is getting hangry on our watch.

So, what do I need to bring?

Nothing other than your gear, excitement and will to work. And don’t forget underwear! We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll be sending out a packing list as we get closer to the workshop to help you remember all the small things (I’m looking at you contact solution and headlamp!) too.

What’s the deal with the accommodation?

You’ll be staying in a classic Airstream, which you’ll share with one other amazing attendee.

Is this just for wedding photographers?

Yes and no. The focus of the shoots as well as the presentations will be most applicable to weddings, however the creative, technical and entrepreneurial insights are relevant to any photographer - whatever your niche.

Can I back out if I change my mind?

The deposit and final payment are transferable, but non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the retreat for any reason you are more than welcome to sell your spot to someone else.

Noooo! I can’t make it this time! When will it happen again?

While we don’t have a date for our next workshop just yet, we’ll send out updates and early bird access to everyone who gets our newsletters! Sign up for our newsletter here!

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