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The DBMH Camp Online Course

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Pitch your virtual tent right in the heart of the DBMH camp as you join us for an epic online course experience set in the heart of Yosemite Valley. This is the place where creative souls connect and you grow into the wild wedding photographer you were always meant to be.

The best news? With our online course you get to claim a front row seat by the bonfire as our world class speakers share their knowledge.

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Let’s get very real right from the start:

Wedding Photography is a REALLY busy market right now. Most up and coming businesses don’t last longer than five years. People burn out, stop in their tracks or simply aren’t able to make a sustainable profit.

The gist of all of that? Breaking through the wedding photography market is certainly possible – but in order to do so you gotta bring your A-game to every single part of your business.



You know exactly what kind of weddings you’d love to shoot – but when you open your inbox there’s only the sound of crickets and the occasional copy and paste inquiry by a couple that asks for a discount in their very first e-mail?

You have always dreamed of taking that leap into wedding photography, but the prospect of being self-employed is scary, since you have no idea how to set up your business in a way that is manageable and financially sustainable?

You sit in your car after a couple session, feeling frustrated because once again you haven’t been able to get those natural shots you have always dreamed of taking – and you are completely unsure about how to get there?

Working on your business can be a pretty lonely affair – and you’d love to connect to other amazing, like-minded individuals that are on a similar path. But you have no clue how to find your tribe. And even if you did, you’d probably be too awkward to even reach out to them.

As exciting as your first steps with your wedding photography business feel, you have a gazillion questions that you can’t find answers to. You are constantly wondering: How are the pros dealing with these situations?

If that wasn’t enough, here are some…


You are giving your best, but your goal of creating gorgeous, natural images of relaxed couples seems a long way away. You feel insecure about directing shoots and don’t know how to make light & surroundings work for you. You know it’s time to take your photography to that next level, but you have no idea how to get there


Marketing yourself seems just so scary. The Instagram algorithm hates you. And with a gazillion outlets to promote yourself, you are clueless where to start and what strategy will work. You wish someone would take you by the hand and create a roadmap for you to find your way out of this maze.


Once you’ve gotten your business off the ground the real work starts. In addition to shooting weddings you gotta promote yourself, bring new clients on board, take care of business admin and network. It’s A LOT of work and you don’t get ahead nearly as fast as you’d like. By now you are stretched way too thin and have considered giving up 1000 times.

Let us stop you right there!


  • …Your business is in a fantastic place financially with a steady stream of high quality inquiries.
  • …The couples that inquire are a great fit for your brand and more than happy to pay prices you never dreamed you’d be able to charge.
  • …You arrive at every job relaxed, excited and with a ton of ideas to create your best work.
  • …You find your voice as a creative and focus on building a legacy for your clients and yourself, rather than bend over backwards trying to please an algorithm.
  • …You go to bed at night overwhelmed with gratitude – excited to take on the next day and do it all over again
Sounds like a total dream?
You can make it a reality.
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We’d like to introduce you to…
Yup, you’ve heard that right!
The one-of-kind A-lister-thought online course bundle for wedding photographers to get that live workshop experience at home, so you can master the art of visual storytelling, create a stand-out client experience, and see your business soar to new heights.
No fluff, just the good stuff that ACTUALLY works to get you on the road to a business that is authentic, sustainable and a ton of fun to run. Wrapped up into a self-paced online course experience that is yours forever.

Ask Yourself

With Our Courses You Learn How To…


Becoming a fantastic photographer is the basework for everything. We get out there and talk posing, composition, framing & light during our live shoots – and how to round it all off with a consistent post-production process.


The real challenge of the wedding photographer is not just shooting what’s happening, but to tell one consistent story from the Getting Ready in the morning to the sweaty dance floor party at midnight.


Building great relationships with your couples is the key to capturing truly captivating, intimate moments and the foundation of a thriving business.


Don’t chase after what you think the market wants – ask yourself how you can stand out by being uniquely you. Whether that’s shooting big ballroom weddings or adventurous elopements – our mentors teach you how to set your business up in a way that supports your dreams.


It’s time to tie your shooting style, niche and personality together into one consistent branding strategy. Great branding may very well be your entry ticket to the next level with your photography business.


Let’s talk about how to create smooth workflows, tackle business admin and provide your clients with an experience they will never forget. We can’t wait for you to work your magic in the world of wedding photography.

Ellie believes the DBMH Online CAMP is what you need to transform your business!

it’s time to…

Benj Haisch
Anni Graham
Janelle Elise
Peyton Byford

We’re stoked to present our four experts & all-around awesome humans that have been killing it at the top of the industry for years and are ready to share first-hand knowledge from the trenches of the wedding photography world.

They’re bringing you four completely different approaches to running a wedding photography business – so you can find exactly what works for you.

No matter what the course materials are yours forever to work through at your own pace and come back to whenever you need to.

We can’t wait to show you!
Ready for a tour of the
workshop content?
Elopements, More Elopements & Intimate Weddings
Anni, How Can I Start Shooting Elopements & Intimate Weddings?
As a lover of extended hikes, epic sceneries and road trips, Anni soon realized that these were exactly the kinds of things she wanted to build her business around. Her job doesn’t only allow her to keep exploring the planer – her enthusiasm, gorgeous work and intentional branding also attract her ideal clientele.
Anni Graham will teach you…
  • … her go-to system for setting ambitious, yet realistic goals that will take you from “Uuh, why am I doing this?” to “I can’t believe I have made this happen for myself!”
  • her top tips for transitioning to and excelling in the world of elopement photography in a way that is sustainable and helps you steer clear of burnout
  • … the most important things to consider when building an adventure based wedding photography business so you never get caught in the rain (literally AND figuratively)
  • … the unloosing philosophy – here to help you capture your couples in a way that is natural, authentic and lives up the elopement experience
  • Meet Anni
  • The Definition of Destination Weddings
  • Making the Transition Into Elopement Photography
  • Defining Your Audience
  • The Importance Of Personal Shoots
  • Being Intentional About Branding
  • Creating Incredible Value For Your Clients
  • The Importance of Authenticity
  • Q&A
  • The Basics of Traveling As A Professional
  • Creating An Unforgettable Outdoor Experience for Client
  • Characteristics Of A Great Shooting Location
  • Successful Location Scouting
  • Pricing Yourself Sustainably
  • Q&A Time
  • Building Amazing Relationships with Clients
  • Capturing The Essence Of A Place
  • Training Your Eye For Epic Photos
  • Natural Posing And Telling Your Couple’s Story
  • Q&A
  • Mountainside Elopement Shoot
  • Open Field Couple Shoot
  • Anni’s Go-To Gear & Must-Have Equipment
  • Anni’s Favorite Tools For Culling, Editing & Image Delivery
  • Creating A Smooth Lightroom Workflow
  • Tips & Tricks For Editing In Lightroom
  • Q&A
How To Find Flow In Your Business & Get Paid To Travel The World
Peyton, How Can I Stand Out In A Saturated Market?

Peyton is a magician behind the camera, capturing high profile wedding in epic places around the world. One of the reasons she’s so successful: Peyton is a super savvy business lady and knows how to set up the day to day tasks of running a business in a way that is easy, smart and time-saving.

She’s going to teach you all about how to create a business that practically runs itself, so you can focus on your creative vision, become a better photographer and provide your clients with an unforgettable experience that wows them from A to Z.

Peyton Byford will teach you…
  • … why you got it all wrong when it comes to the “saturated” market of wedding photography
  •  her number one tip for business owners that wants to free up their time, find creative fulfillment and focus on their strengths rather than constantly battling their weaknesses
  • … aaaaaall the go-to tools that will allow you to stop stressing over every minor detail on your to-do list and start establishing workflow that are smooth, time-saving and create higher profit margins
  • … the reason you gotta get your finances in order, how to go about it and that, yes achieving financial freedom is totally in cards for you
  • Meet Peyton
  • The Most Important Aspect Of Good Branding
  • Creating An Unforgettable Client Experience
  • Why You need A Wedding Guide For Your Couples
  • Little Things That Make A Big Difference
  • The Most Important Thing About Your “Ideal Client”
  • Don’t Do Shit You Hate
  • Building Great Relationships Is the Best Marketing
  • How To Rock Your Social Media
  • Creating A Website Couples Will Love
  • Master The Seo Gace
  • Q&A
  • Finding Your Unique Approach To Photography & Business
  • Standing Out In A Saturated Market
  • A Close Look At Inspiration
  • Liking Something Vs. Being Passionate About Something
  • Peyton’s Go-To Gear & Must-Have Equipment
  • Yosemite National Park Live Shoot With Peyton
  • Camper Van Live Shoot
  • Editing & Lightroom Workflow
  • Q&A Time
  • Making Professional Travel Enjoyable
  • Setting Up your Pricing Guide
  • The Right Workflow for Less Stress And Higher Profit Margins
  • The Basics Of Client Management
  • How Honeybook can help to save you time
  • Setting Up Your Finances & Achieving Financial Freedom
  • Q&A
Create Your Best Work, Wow Your Clients & Build A Thriving Business
Janelle, How Do I Turn Clients Into Fans and Create A Business That Thrives On Word-Of-Mouth?

Personified sunshine Janelle is an incredible photographer, who’s booked solid with high profile clients. The amazing energy she brings to weddings allows for her business to thrive on mouth-to-mouth referrals alone.

She’ll teach you how you can create timeless images, manage to book gorgeous weddings all year round… and, of course, her top tips for turning clients into raving fans: Her magic formula to a wildly successful marketing strategy and booked out calendar.

Janelle Elise will teach you…
  • … her secret sauce to leaving a lasting impression that will turn clients into enthusiastic fans and make them eager to recommend you to all their friends
  • her A to Z method of capturing a wedding day and being in all the right places at once – even if you’re shooting on your own
  • … the most important, non-negotiable things to pay attention to when creating a spot-on marketing strategy and irresistible online presence
  • … her top 5 things to look out for when trying to turn inquiries into clients eager to book
  • The Basics Of Branding
  • Creating An Engaging Social Media Presence & Website
  • Guard Your Reputation
  • Q&A
  • Dealing With Inquires
  • Adding A Price Tag To Your Service
  • Preparing your Clients for the Wedding Day
  • Q&A
  • Why Being A Wedding Photographer Is Important
  • Collaborating With Vendors
  • Q&A
  • Janelle’s Go-To Gear & Must Have Equipment
  • Capturing The Wedding Day From Getting Ready to Exit
  • How to Shoot In Every Light Situation
  • Tunnel View Shoot with Janelle
  • Camper Van Shoot With Janelle
  • Make Fans Out Of Your Clients
  • Q&A
  • After Wedding Workflow
  • Editing Workflow
  • Q&A Time
  • Step Forward
How can I Build A Sustainable Business That Lasts More than Just a Wedding Season or Two?

For 12 years Benj Haisch has stirred up the wedding photography scene – and still manages to bring the same fresh energy and appreciation for his work to every wedding. At the core of his work is the belief that it’s not so much HOW you do the things you do, but rather about WHY you do what you do in the first place.

His Class is a deep dive into what it means to be a wedding photographer, how to set your business up in a way that honors your Why and how to find your artistic voice in a noisy, social media dominated world.

Benj Haisch will teach you…
  • … his top tips on becoming the best photographer you can be thanks to shooting more intentionally and getting super nerdy around composition and light
  • the thought process behind building a captivating wedding day narrative and how to upgrade your visual storytelling kills
  • … his tried and tested shoot to export workflow covering all aspects of a client experience from preparations and capturing the wedding day all the way to delivering client galleries for maximum impact
  • … the number one reason to stay wary of the social media rabbit hole, how to escape the comparison trap
  • … why you need to focus on finding your Why and building a legacy for yourself and your clients
  • Meet Benj
  • Do You Need To Be Creative To Be A Creative?
  • The Importance of Playing to Your Own Strengths
  • Q&A
  • How Efficient Is Your Workflow?
  • Benj’s Go-To Gear Must-Have Equipment
  • Preparing For A Shoot
  • Finding Great Light
  • Getting To Know Your Camera
  • Getting Nerdy About Composition
  • Back Up & Archiving Your Images
  • All About Culling, Editing & Image Delivery
  • Q&A
  • Creating A Narrative
  • Selecting Images For Cohesive Storytelling
  • Q&A
  • The Origin of The Adventure Elopement
  • Fundamentals Of Shooting Elopements
  • Elopements vs. Intimate Weddings
  • Q&A
  • Elopement Live Shoot with Benj
  • Couple Session with Benj
  • Creating Meaningful Work
  • Finding Your Why
  • Building A Business That Fits Your Life
  • Detaching From Social Media
  • Understanding The Legacy You’ll Leaving For Couples
  • There Are No “Shit” Weddings
  • Q&A
  • …4 recognized industry experts & all around awesome humans taking you by the hand
  • … instant access to 17+ hours of workshop presentations covering all aspects of running a wedding photography business
  • … $900+ worth of swag promotional codes for software and business tools to start that new chapter of your business well organised.
  • …7 Bonuses to help you skyrocket your wedding photography business.
  • …2+ hours of live shoots with explanations and posing advice for your next sessions
  • …4 workbooks for you to jump straight into action and provide you with a fantastic starting point to create your own strategy.
  • …1 members-only FB group where we learn together, share our progress and inspire each other to get to that next level
  • …1 comprehensive online course that will change the way you run your business
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Hear what Maile has to say about the DBMH Camp!
With an abundance of wedding photography workshops out there, both online and offline, you may be wondering…
Why Go For The DBMH
Online Workshop Experience?
  • …It’s easy! You can consume it at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.
  • …It’s yours! You can go back and re-watch the content as often as you’d like – LIFETIME access
  • …It’s focused! Pay full attention to the knowledge shared and how to implement it.
  • …It pays off! Skip costly travel expenses to get to the workshop and invest the money you save back into your business.
  • …It’s long-lasting! While a workshop may only last a couple of days, you can learn and implement alongside this online course over weeks.
  • …It’s inspiring! Start transforming your business the second you hit the ‘play’ button.
  • …It’s social! There’s a whole community of students connecting via our online platforms and it’s no secret we’re all better together.
Just gathering knowledge is not enough.
You need a 360 plan that catapults you straight into action. That is why we’ve created a bonus package…


Comprehensive guides to tailor the workshop content to your business, ask the important questions and figure your stuff out from the bottom up. In a way that is fun, informative and transformational.


We collaborate with some of the coolest brands currently shaking up the wedding photography scene to give you a swag bag packed to the brim with discount codes and exclusive offers. Everything you need to take your business further.


You are not alone in this! All course students will have access to an exclusive FB community where we connect, share our experience and answer each other’s questions. Because we are stronger together.

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Already blown away by all the value you get as an attendee of the DBMH CAMP online workshop? We suggest you hold onto your hat just a little longer. In celebration of our camp launch week we have created 7 additional (!) resources you’ll receive on top of your overflowing DBMH Online Camp package. Looking to double down on blogging? Wanna finally get a grasp on e-mail communication? Plan your first epic styled shoot? We’ve got your back!

Check out our launch-celebration-exclusive bonus package worth every $600+ ONLY available during launch week on top of your DBMH Online Camp bundle purchase. Be quick – after Jan 21st this bonus package will be gone forever!

  • … Bonus 1 – DBMH COPYWRITING GUIDE: Lost on words? No more! The DBMH Copywriting Guide bursts with tips & tricks you need to create captivating copy for your website and social media channels.
  • … Bonus 2 – DBMH BLOGGING GUIDE: Blogging is still one of the most important things to do to create an engaging web presence and show potential clients you’re a great fit. The DBMH Blogging Guide will teach you to create incredible blogposts that are on brand.
  • … Bonus 3 – E-MAIL TEMPLATES: Stressed out by an overflowing inbox? Not sure what to respond to certain client requests? Never again! The DBMH E-Mail templates will help you become a master communicator and stay on top of your e-mails.
  • … Bonus 4 – CONTENT PLANNING GUIDE: Creating an editorial calendar will make sure you’re always prepared, no matter how busy your schedule. Our content planning guide will teach you all about how to put together an intentional content strategy and get the word out about your gorgeous work.
  • … Bonus 5 – THE STYLED SHOOT PLANNER: Putting together styled shoots is a great way to attract your ideal couples and show your full creative range. There’s no need to be intimidated by the time and effort it takes – the DBMG Styled Shoot Planner walks you through the whole process step by step.
  • … Bonus 6 – 6 AWESOME TIPS TO GET FEATURED: Getting your photos featured on bigger accounts can be an awesome way to gain momentum and get some eyeballs on your best photographs – but how can you ensure your work doesn’t get lost in a sea of contributions? This guide includes the 6 best tips to get your work featured on accounts like Dirty Boots & Messy Hair.
  • … Bonus 7 – THE DBMH GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM: Losing sleep over Instagram? No more! The DBMH Guide to Instagram has tips, tools and no-gos to rock the grid. Make 2020 your breakthrough year on Instagram.
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…We made it a point to invite four experts who, while all being super successful photographers, have very different approaches to running their business. That means that as a camp student you get an all-around impression of ways to approach wedding photography and get to pick and choose what is the best fit for your brand.

We added Q&A sessions on top of each speaker’s schedule, so live students had the chance to ask burning questions and shape the workshop’s content in that way.

Last but not least, we’re here to support you every step of the way. From our Facebook group and workbooks to the bonuses and freebies we offer to camp students exclusively – being a part of the DBMH Camp gives you a 360° package to growing a wedding photography business.

The course is self-timed. That means you can go at your own pace and work through the schedule as fast or slow as you’d like. While there are lots of action tasks included, it’s on you to decide how much of them you want to implement and how soon. But remember: You get out what you put in! The time invested will be well worth it.

The whole course and all the bonuses stuff is digital. That’s awesome, because it means you can access the content from everywhere.

We’ve made it a point to invite a wide range of photographers to the DBMH CAMP that have totally different approaches and styles. Their advice is valid for everyone from elopement photographers to those focussing on big celebrations.

Forever! Seriously. This one time investment gives you LIFETIME access to all the course material.

Yep! We want this to be as risk free for you as possible. Watch the course all the way through. Fulfill the tasks in the workbook. Take massive action. If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, we are more than happy to give your money back within the first 14 day after you buy. Please check out Terms and Conditions.

Gosh, we love Google! Not a day goes by that we don’t figure out a business related question through Google. But we’ll still have to disappoint you: Googling stuff is not a sufficient replacement for the education you’ll receive through the DBMH Online CAMP.

First up, Google is overflowing with information and there’s a ton of generic (or plain bad) advice you’d have to plow through to find some gold nugget (and then repeat that a gazillion times over to get even close to the amount of content we’ve put together for this workshop).

Secondly, DBMH Online Camp is not just a regurgitation of the information you can already find online. It’s a rich and immersive exploration through tried and tested strategies presented by folks at the top of the industry – here to help you be the best you can be.

Right after your purchase you will gain access to your student panel that you can log into from anywhere with your e-mail and password. There you access all your course materials as well as other downloads and manage your account.

As lovers of anything outdoorsy and adventurous, we are passionate about giving back to nature. So why not treat yourself to the DBMH Online Camp and get all excited that you’re supporting the outdoors, too? In cooperation with our friends at Replant.ca
We Plant 50 Trees For Every Course Sold.

Social Media has created this shiny image of wedding photography. One that is dominated by flowing hipster dresses, epic sundowns, futuristic landscapes in Iceland and wedding days styled to a T. And these things are great, don’t get us wrong. But they are not the daily bread of the wedding photographer. And if these things are your main motivation to get into the job, you should probably think again.

What IS a great motivation to get into wedding photography? A love for the craft. For telling stories. And a passion for the people you create those images for.

Ultimately, this isn’t about you. This is about the promise two people make in front of their entire circle. Their people won’t care whether the day taking place in a sparely lit ballroom with 70s cushions. In a stylish A-frame with fairy lights strung between trees. At their local church in front of their entire community. This is a place that means something to them. And that they’ve chosen you to capture it all for their children and grand children is a great honor.

So if the thought of providing that service for your couples gets you excited, if you’re enthusiastic about showing up because you love doing the work. Then yes, by all means, become a wedding photographer.

This Workshop Is
  • …you are ready to get out there and grow in ways you never imagined possible.
  • …you want to get real and transform your brand to be an authentic representation of yourself and the work you love to create.
  • …You are all about breathtaking sceneries, messy hair and epic stories.
  • …You know that it takes hard work to become an amazing photographer but you are more than willing to get started.
MERVE & NILS | founders of dirty boots & messy hair
Uhm… Hi There!

As wedding photographers we know exactly how overwhelming it can be to find your footing in this busy industry. This workshop is the accumulation of everything we wish we had known when we first started out. And we’re so proud we managed to bring together these four powerhouse photographers that are so exquisite at what they do – each of them in their very own, unique way.

When we came up with the idea to hold a workshop we knew exactly what its essence was supposed to be: give people hands-on advice and concrete steps to get closer to their dream – no fluff, no sugarcoating. We believe that this approach will ultimately benefit all parties: Inspired photographers that run sustainable businesses and are compensated fairly for their hard work, as well as happy couples that are over the moon with their wedding images.

We are still swooning over those days we got to spend with the whole crew, mentors and students in Yosemite Valley. And super proud of how this energy translates into the online version of the course – so that even sitting on the couch you’ll feel a little like you’re sitting right next to us around the bonfire. We hope that it will inspire you to create work well beyond your wildest dreams.

Merve & Nils


To that we say: Yes, you do and this course is here to make you uncover that amazing, creative part of yourself, overflowing with ideas and equipped with the tools to implement them. We are not going to say it doesn’t require a ton of work. Getting better at your craft is all about pushing yourself. But the tools provided to you in this course will give you the best possible foundation to see amazing growth.


To that we say: It’s a wild misconception that learning about business tactics and marketing will take away from your artistic vision or creative self. Quite the opposite is true: The better you are at setting up the framework for your business and the more clients you attract, the sooner worrying about money or where you next jobs are coming from is a thing of the past. And you are ready to fully focus on creating amazing work.


To that we say: We are all about working smarter not harder. Yes, sitting down and committing to learning new things through a course can seem time-consuming at first – but once you hear our mentors talk about their workflows and how you can save yourself a ton of time in the day to day runnings of their business and start implementing them yourself, you will save so much time in the long run. You’ll be so happy you took that time upfront.


To that we say: We’ve done our best to create a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of running a wedding photography business. We’ve intentionally chosen a range of experts with different balancing points that will give you different perspectives on similar topics, so you can actually see which approach fits you best. If you’re still not sure whether you will gain what you hope for from the course, feel free to take an in-depth look at the course content overview.

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Our amazing DBMH Online Camp Partners…

These are our DBMH Online Camp Partners and Brands you will find in your digital Swag Bag…

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