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Dirty Boots and Messy Hair is a lifestyle brand here to inspire creatives to live their best, most exciting life.

We create educational content and online courses for photographers, provide our community with fresh tips & stories on the daily and connect inspiring humans all around the world.


Let’s create a place for adventurous creatives to connect, learn and share their work…

– that was the idea that DBMH founders and photographers Merve and Nils came up with in late 2016. No sooner said than done. Dirty Boots & Messy Hair first saw the light of day in January 2017.

First started on Instagram, the page quickly grew as hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals felt drawn to the community. Merve and Nils quickly realised: This thing is so much bigger than we originally anticipated!

Then they got to work. 

These days Dirty Boots & Messy Hair is a household name in the creator community. Our incredible team works remotely from all around the planet.

…We offer educational material and tools for creatives to take their business to the next level.

…We hold photography workshops connecting industry experts with those seeking to learn.

…We provide our community with fresh stories & tips on how to live a truly creative life over in our online magazine.

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