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We Care

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We’re a small business with a big
mission: To help save the world

With your help we…

secured 20,242 acres rainforest

saved 64 orang utans

Which resulted in 14 orangutan babies

Dirty Boots & Messy Hair is born of a love affair with Mother Nature. We are driven by a desire to not only celebrate, but to support her.

Over the past few years, the number of restless wanderers and creatives that make up the Dirty Boots tribe has grown across the world. With that growth comes responsibility, and an opportunity to give back.

Powered by your support, Dirty Boots & Messy Hair is commited to helping environmental non-profits, whose cause resonates with our beating heart Our vision is to leave a legacy on this world that lasts way beyond our time on this magical, infintisimal planet. It’s to be part of the chance we wish to see in the world.


That’s why every time you buy a preset with DBMH, we’ll donate to environmental causes on your behalf.

Through our partnership with select NGOs, we are unerring in our overarching mission: To help save the world.

We’re so thrilled to take you on that journey with us…who know’s what we can achieve when we work together?

No single person can change the world, but thousands just might.

The Orangutan Project

We’re delighted to announce that 5% of our profits from presets go to a charity that is very close to our hearts: The Orangutan Project.

We (Merve and Nils) visited Borneo early 2018 and had the chance to see what the farming of palm oil has done to the island and the animals, and especially to the orangutans.

We were devastated to learn that over 80% of the orangutan’s habitat has already been destroyed. If the jungles of Sumatra and Borneo continue to be cleared at the present rate, they’ll be completely logged-out within 10 years.

It’s time to act.

Seeing such majestic animals in this dire situation was heartbreaking, and we decided to help The Orangutan Project as much as we can.

That’s why now, every time you purchase a DBMH preset, you’ll be directly supporting the team to do their life-saving work. What’s more, your donation will start working immediately, helping to secure and protect remaining orangutan habitats.

The Orangutan Project was established in 1998 by world-renowned orangutan expert, Leif Cocks.

For 30 years Leif Cocks has worked to improve the welfare of orangutans in captivity and secure their survival in the wild. As founder of The Orangutan Project, he’s recognised globally as an expert in his field and is a passionate campaigner for conservation.

Leif is a passionate campaigner for orangutans and has been a key player in developing conservation plans for their protection and survival, including the first ever successful reintroduction of a zoo-born orangutan into the wild.

So far, donor funds have helped the team to permanently lease 200,000 hectares of rainforest.

And that precious land safeguarded by dedicated Wildlife Protection Units, is now a protected haven for more than 180 recently released orangutans and critical populations of Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants, sun bears and clouded leopards. The plans for the future are ambitious, but with support like yours, it is do-able.

The donations you make will also support The Orangutan Project to rescue, rehabilitate and release captive orangutans, most of whom are still infants, provide world-class training for more Wildlife Protection Units, and run community awareness and education campaigns so local people are empowered to get on board with sustainable land management and be the informed forest guardians we need them to be.

Thanks for joining in our mission to protect this incredible species – together we will fight for the survival of the orangutan!

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