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Unique weddings

Dirty Boots and Messy hair is all about celebrating individuality and honoring your inner free spirit.

And about couples that are celebrating their wedding day in a unique, extraordinary and fun way.

We see ourselves at the interface of those planning to get married as well as the vendors implementing their couples’ vision into something even more incredible.

Our Selection Process


What kinds of submissions are you looking for?

We focus heavily on real weddings and elopements. But stunning couple sessions, as well as styled shoots with a new twist also have a great chance of being featured. Take a look around our page, so you will have a better understanding of what we’re usually showing.


What do I need to consider when submitting?

Please submit between 100-150 images for weddings & elopements, and a collection of around 50-100 images for Couple Sessions and Styled Shoots. All images at 1920px wide (72dpi), sRGB colorspace. No watermarks. No collages, all single images. We prefer submissions through Pixieset or similar.


What do you care about most when reviewing submissions?

One word, personality. DBMH is all about celebrating individuality and honoring your inner free spirit. The bride got married in her grandma’s wedding dress that she tailored to her style? The wedding party hiked for an hour to get to the most perfect ceremony spot with a beautiful mountain view? There was a Wes Anderson theme? It rained all day, so the ceremony was moved into the living room of the newlywed’s beautiful old farm house? All these little details, whether planned or spontaneously, make up the essence of a wedding day. We cannot get enough of them and neither can our couples that visit this page to get inspired.


How does the submission process go down?

We care greatly about original content, so we kindly ask you to not send the same series to any other blogs when submitting a feature for Dirty Boots and Messy Hair, posting the series on your own blog is totally cool, of course! If we decide to feature your work, expect to hear back from us within 7 business days with more info. If you haven’t heard back within that time frame, feel free to submit somewhere else.


What is not a great fit?

Ballroom weddings, glamorous themes and very traditional celebrations are most likely not a good fit for us. There are tons of awesome websites that will gladly feature these kinds of styles, but it’s just not the vibe we are going for.


Key elements of a great submission:

Consistent style and lighting all throughout the documentary.
Lots of details that show the couples’ unique taste..
Lots of emotional moments..
Include images from all parts of the day, getting ready, first look, ceremony, reception, dinner..

DirtyBoots Presets


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