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Customizable Wedding Guide Template – MINIMALISTIC

Take your business to the next level, make your couple’s eyes glow and create your best work yet with our customizable wedding guide template in A4 and US letter size.

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Look No Further – We’ve Got Just What You Need!

the Customizable Wedding Guide Template by DB&MH

The customizable wedding guide is a 62 page template created by wedding photographers for wedding photographers. It’s for every photographer that wants to support their clients throughout the wedding planning process and share tips & tricks on how to get the most epic wedding photos of their day.


Wedding Guide Photoshop Indesign

This guide is already fully designed and all the chapters are written out for you.

62 fully designed pages (31 spreads)

editable in Photoshop & InDesign (A4 and US letter size)

professionally written copy

free typefaces & their download links

video tutorial & instruction PDF

fully customizable 


Why Is This Wedding Guide For You?

Because you know that running a successful business is all about building amazing relationships with clients. 

Because you care about providing your couples with a great experience and part of that is establishing yourself as an expert they can trust.  

Because you know that small adjustments throughout the wedding day can make a world of a difference in the images. 

Because you know how important it is to get professionals to create your design and write your copy, but the logistics and price tag of it all feels overwhelming. 

Customizable Wedding Guide Template – Minimalistic


Monique Serra

“I’ve searched high and low for a customizable wedding guide template. Endless google searches, Etsy templates and have even tried making my own from scratch. It’s nearly impossible to find a guide that fits exactly what a wedding photographer needs, because unless the creator of that guide is in the industry, there’s so much you can muss. These customizable templates from DBMH are as close to perfect as I can imagine! The guides are clean, which makes it easy to edit and customize, and also easy for a bride or groom (who has little to no knowledge about wedding photography) to read and understand. The layouts are easy to navigate, and with everything from a hello message, to timeline, it seems as if nothing is missed. Creating a guide like this would’ve taken me years, if at all possible. I couldn’t be more excited to make these my own, and send them out to all of my couples! Thank you DBMH for making my work look even better than I could, and presenting it in a clean, simple to understand, and beautiful organized way! These are a MUST HAVE for any wedding photographer!”

Wedding Guide Photoshop Indesign

Here is how it works

The DBMH Wedding Guide Template is a total game changer – and it’s ready to go in just a few steps!


Pick the design that fits your brand best – either minimalistic or playful. 


Purchase and download the file.

It’s editable in either Photoshop or InDesign, whichever your prefer. 


All pages are already fully designedand the chapters are fully written out. That means you will only need to add your own photos and logo to the guide.


Send the guide off to print or e-mail it to your clients – wow them with your expertise, put a smile on their face and create the most epic wedding day experience together. 

Customizable Wedding Guide Template – Minimalistic


The guide covers all parts of the journey your couples will have with you. From the planning stage to the delivery of their final gallery. From the Getting Ready all the way to the Sparkler Exit.


With this purchase you will receive:

  • editable Photoshop & InDesign template in US letter-size
  • editable Photoshop & InDesign template in A4
  • fully customizable 62 pages (31 spreads)
  • professionally written copy 
  • free typefaces and their download links
  • video tutorial + instruction pdf on how to edit & personalise the guide

Everything from the Lay Out to the copy is ready to go.

Simply add your own images and logo, then export as either a PDF to send to your clients online or as a printable file to send off to press. Of course you can also edit, tweak and customize all night with the fully editable Photoshop and InDesign files you will receive. Totally your choice. 

Important: This is a fully digital product. After your purchase you will receive a download link that enables you to download all the files included with the product.

Customizable Wedding Guide Template


Olivia Markle

“I’m so so in love with these wedding guide templates! I already had wedding guides for my clients, but when I got these templates I redid them immediately and have never been more excited to send them out to my couples! They are SO easy to customize (which I love), and I love how they come pre-made with examples/tips to give your clients- it makes customizing them super easy and gave me so many new ideas of things to put in my guides! Wedding guides are the best so that your clients are educated and prepared to make the day run smoothly and already have ideas on how to make their photos turn out the absolute best months in advance! Honestly so in love with these guides and can’t wait to send them to my clients!”

What Topics Are Covered Within The Guide?

The guide covers all parts of the journey your couples will have with you. From the planning stage to the delivery of their final gallery. From the getting ready all the way to the sparkler exit. Every chapter within the template can be customized, added to, deleted or switched up. Feel free to use the copy included or adjust it where you see fit. Make it your own.

Here are some of the things the wedding guide supports your couples with:

  • setting up every part of the wedding day for success and amazing photographs
  • lighting throughout the ceremony, dinner & dancing
  • creating a realistic timeline for the day
  • choosing a styling that underlines their personalities
  • supporting their wedding photographer in creating their best work
  • making the choice of whether to have a first look  
  • reminding them what it’s all about when things get stressful
  • unplugged wedding – yay or nay?
  • what to expect after the wedding day 

… and much more!



Why do I need a wedding guide for my photography clients?

Ever dreamed about showing up at a wedding day and your couple has ensured that everything is exactly as you need it to take the most amazing photos? Zero clutter in the Getting Ready space, a realistic time line that allows you to get really creative and a perfectly lit dinner setting with tons of fairy lights and not one purple disco light in sight? 

These things are all about great communication upfront and this is exactly what this guide can do for you. It communicates to your clients what it takes to create amazing, emotional images at every point throughout the wedding day. And the best part: It does that in a way that is fun, inspiring and motivating. After reading it they will want to jump into planning straight away!

It is also a super thoughtful gift that will further establish your status as an expert and make your couples feel well taken care of. Your brides/grooms will want to bring the guide anywhere and show all her/his (soon to be engaged) friends. It’s a win-win for you and your clients.

Customizable Wedding Guide Template – Minimalistic


Important info

The product promoted on this page is fully digital. After your purchase you will receive all your files in an e-mail, accessible through a download link. The photographs

shown in the mock ups and template pages are only samples. They were added for viewing purposes to showcase what a final product may look like.

The photographs are not part of the product and will not be purchased along with it.

Images by Pablo Laguia, Tara Beth Photography. Adrian Washburn

Awesome Humans About Our Wedding Guide

Baylee Dennis

“This new DBMH Wedding Guide has what it

takes to bring your business & brand to the next

level! It’s super customizable so you can really bring

YOU, your brand and your voice into it!

I love that they give you so many options for

covers, interchangeable pages, & LOVE that there

is a minimal & playful option, because let’s be real

this is not a one size fits all, as none of us are! If you

aren’t already using a Wedding guide you are doing

it wrong! This guide will absolutely help you elevate

your business! You will not only be providing your

clients with a ton of helpful information in planning

and preparing for all aspects of their Wedding process,

but doing so in a way that makes your job easier by alleviating stress for all parties involved.

Your clients & your future self will thank you for

investing in this Wedding guide!“

Christlyn & Erik
Lunalee Photos

“Possibly the most honest and in depth, yet easy to

read, wedding tool out there. The Dirty Boots and

Messy Hair Wedding Guide is certainly something

every wedding photographer needs. I’ve personally

always wanted to create something like this for my

couples, but have never found the time.

The guide is easily customizable to fit your photography brand’s style and practices. The how to ‘video tutorials ‘

is great at explaining how to EASILY make those customizations. We’re looking forward to diving

into this and making our very own.”

Cara Fuller

“This wedding guide is a game changer. For me,

the most important thing is that my couples

know they are free to be themselves, break

away from tradition, and plan a day entirely

around the people and things they love.

I’m excited to use this guide to showcase

individual examples of unique/creative ideas

and activities I’ve seen over the years, to get

my couples thinking about how amazing their

wedding day could be if they planned it just

how they wanted. I’ve found that so many

issues photographers face in this industry could

be avoided entirely if we just taught our clients

what to look out and plan for—and this guide

does just that! It’s the perfect opportunity to pack

in all that info we’ve picked up over the years

that we wish every one of our clients knew, right

from the get-go.”

Brittany Maxwell
(The Light and the Love)

“I absolutely love the look of each template and

the designs. The fact that there are two options

of templates and different ways to design the

cover and pages to make it “your own” are awesome.

It’s simple, clean and beautiful. The ‘how to’ videos

are gold and will be extremely helpful for those

who aren’t super tech savy! Like me! I’ve always

relied on ‘how to’ videos to help guide me when

creating anything like this since I’m so not good

or experienced with photoshop at all. I think that’s

super important to include and many creatives

will be grateful for that.”

Erika Brooke

“Dirty Boots has completely knocked this one

out of the park! The wedding guide exceeded

every single expectation. As someone who

has spent nearly a decade in the industry, I

have never seen a guide as thorough and

user friendly as this one. It’s quite honestly

everything and more you could ever dream

to be able to give to a client.”

Tricia Victoria

“This Wedding Guide Template is one of the most comprehensive, easy to use guides I have ever

come across. I was absolutely floored when

they sent not one but TWO options to choose

from. The instructions make it sooo simple to use

if you’re not familiar with photoshop or how to

edit this type of template. The fully customizable

guides with so many options are so incredibly helpful to maintain consistency in your brand,

and DBMH was cognizant of this when they

created it. It covers absolutely everything your

couples need to know about their wedding day

and truly adds to your business professionalism

in the best way. I could not recommend this more

to wedding professionals. If you don’t have something like this in your workflow you’re

doing yourself a huge disservice. Thank you

DBMH for creating such an A+ product!”


Q: I am not based in the US – is the guide still relevant for my couples?

Absolutely! We’ve made a huge effort to make the content relevant and useful for all kinds of couples and different celebrations all around the world. And even if a certain chapter is not a good fit for your business or you’d love to add some extra info – no problem! Every single page is customizable. That enables you to adjust chapters, structure and copy to fit the style of the weddings you book. Whether you’re in the US or elsewhere in the world doesn’t matter – your couples will be so excited to hold this guide in their hands!

Q: Do I need to convert the guide to A4 first before printing it in Europe?

You don’t! With your purchase you receive two versions – US Letter Size and A4 – all ready to go. Simply choose the right one based on where you live and start customizing.

Q: Wow, that sounds amazing! But I am not sure I can justify the expense…

We’d like to invite you to see the purchase of this template as an investment in the successful future of your business, let alone the amazing relationships you will be building with your couples.

This guide can help you take your portfolio to the next level, substantiate your expert status and build trust between your clients and yourself. You will enjoy shooting their weddings so much more as your couples know exactly how to support you for amazing results. That grin on your face when you drive home after a long and inspiring wedding day with cards full of photos you can’t wait to edit? Priceless. Let alone the money and days of your life it would cost you to put together a guide yourself and/or hire a copy writer and graphic designer to support you.

Considering all of these things, the price for this template is not only fair – it’s an amazing deal and it will become invaluable to you while running and growing your business.

Q: Minimalistic or Playful – How do I decide which version of the guide is the better choice for me? Do both versions have the same content?

Both versions include the same chapters and copy, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. The minimalistic guide has slightly more pages – this is due to the different design approaches. Colors and fonts can always be adjusted within each template.

We honestly believe you can’t go wrong with either version of the guide – they’re both gorgeous. The minimalistic theme has a timeless black and white feel and lots of space to make your images stand out. The design of the playful edition is very unique with lots of fun little details and illustrations to discover.

Ultimately, your branding and style of photography will determine what style feels right for you. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be creating with the version you choose.

Q: Is it possible to make changes within the Lay Out?

Of course! The arrangements, fonts, image sizes, colors etc. are all fully customizable – so everybody who loves to play around with options is free to do so. Those who would much rather have a click-and-go product can simply add their photographs and are ready to go.

Q: Will I need to write my own copy or can I use the copy included with the guide?

All the copy included in the guide is for you and you are more than welcome to simply leave it as is. However, if you’d like to change things up, add certain points or rewrite, feel free to do so.

Q: Can I use the photographs included with the guide?

The photos are only there to help you get a feel for the lay out and get inspired as to what kind of photos from your portfolio you could include in the specific areas. They will be displayed as big grey boxes within the editable template. You may not use them in your final version of the wedding guide.

Q: How often can I use and/or send the template to clients?

As often as you’d like and to as many clients as you’d like.

Q: You convinced me! Can you walk me through the purchase?

Of course! After buying the guide you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes a download link. Clicking it will start the download and save a .zip file into your downloads folder. Simply unzip the folder to access the files. Included with the folder you will find a tutorial PDF and video. Either one will guide you through the customization process.

Drop us a note at [email protected] if questions come up during the installation process.

Q: This Guide is PACKED with important information! But personally, I am a little worries my brides will be overwhelmed, if I send all of that info their way…

First up, this guide is as comprehensive as it is in order to make it relevant for lots of different wedding photographers and their individual clients. The guide is fully customizable, so if certain chapters are not relevant for your couples or you want to keep your guide focussed around just a handful of core topics, simply delete any pages you don’t wanna inclue. You can make the guide as comprehensive or as detailed as you see fit for you, your brand and your incredible couples.

Q: What programs do I use to edit the guide? What kind of files will I recieve?

You will receive the guide as both, an Adobe Photoshop (.psd) and an Adobe InDesign (.idml & .indd) file, so you can choose the program you are more familiar with to complete the template. The InDesign files are compatible with InDesign CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC. The Photoshop files are compatible with Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC. Just make sure you have access to one of these before making the purchase.

Q: Do I need to have any previous knowledge of Photoshop or InDesign?

A PDF documenting the set-up process as well as a video including a step-by-step explanation on how to get started is included with the purchase. Prior knowledge of the software is great as it will allow you to jump right into the customization process, but don’t worry: We’ll walk you through all the basic adjustments and how to go about them, e.g. changing text and typefaces, adjusting colours, adding your images and more.

Q: Will I need to print the guide after its completion or can I also send it to my clients as a PDF?

Sending the printed magazine out to your clients will have a massive impact and increases the chances of them taking the time to read and process the content, but of course you can also export the template as a PDF file and send it to your clients via e-mail. They will love this thoughtful gift either way.

Q: Can I use an online PDF or e-book service to share the content included in this template?

With the purchase of the wedding guide you are buying the license to use, print and distribute the final product (including your adjustments and photographs) to clients within your business. It’s a copyright violation to make it openly accessible via any of the services mentioned above. This is also in your interest: Tailoring the guide towards your business and emphasizing its exclusivity will make your clients feel special and ensures that they will take a close look and follow through with the advice given.

Q: I’ve purchased the guide. Can I resell it?

The license included in the purchase is limited to private use within one business. You may not sell it.

Q: What about refunds, exchanges or returns?

We do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns for digital products as stated in our Terms & Conditions.

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