Father-daughter dance songs that will have your guests in tears

There are few wedding moments as touching as the father-daughter dance, and the search for the perfect music for this precious moment can be difficult.

Every father-daughter relationship is different, and so it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about finding the perfect song to celebrate the first great male love in your live. Though it might be anxiety-inducing, remember that there is no “right” way to choose a song to honor your relationship with your dad. Generally, the best songs are ones that mean something to the both of you, for this reason you can relax a little and be just follow your heart.

To help you get inspired we’ve compiled a diverse list of 13 great father-daughter dance songs. With everything from Beyoncé to Bublé there’s bound to be something that fits your style.

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Josh Groban: You Raise Me Up

Everyone knows this classic, and for good reason. It has touching lyrics, and a soft and gentle tone, everyone will be choking back tears when this track comes on.

The Temptations: My Girl

An oldie but a real goodie, this song has an easy to dance to beat and melody, as well as catchy lyrics that sweetly describe true unconditional love.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Ready, Steady, Don’t Go

This song is sure to tug at your heartstrings, Billy Ray Cyrus sings about his reluctance to let his daughter grow up and go off into the world on her own, making it a touching tune, and a great pick for your father-daughter dance track.

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Tim McGraw: My Little Girl

In this tear jerker by Tim McGraw he sings of the wonderful magic that is a father watching his daughter grow up in this beautiful country ballad.

Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World

An enchanting melody that illustrates the very magic of life and all it entails; this masterpiece will have everyone reaching for the tissues.

Loudon Wainwright: Daughter

This is a great father-daughter dance song, with its affectionate lyrics and gentle melody; your dad will love dancing along to this tender tune.

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Ben Folds: Gracie

Jazz fusion singer Ben Folds wrote this song for his baby daughter Gracie, it has a beautiful orchestrated melody that is easy to get in the rhythm of and touching lyrics that’s sure to have everyone choked up.

Heartland: I Loved Her First

The title says it all, this beautiful track by Heartland sweetly sings about that unique one of a kind father-daughter bond, and would be the perfect pick for the father-daughter dance.

Sheryl Crow: Sweet Child o’ Mine

Sheryl Crow’s cover of Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns n Roses is perfect for those who aren’t necessarily into hard rock but still want an upbeat song with great lyrics. This 90s banger originally started as a poem to a girlfriend (but don’t worry the lyrics don’t get awkward!).  The lyrics are sweet and simple, and Cheryl’s rendition has a classic country vibe to it.

Michael Bublé: Daddy’s Little Girl

Everyone loves a bit of Bublé; with a voice like honey and a pretty piano soundtrack this would make a perfect father-daughter dance song. The beat and melody are easy enough to dance to that you don’t need to be on Dancing with the Stars to look great grooving to this.

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Beyoncé: Daddy

If you want something contemporary, catchy and upbeat you can always count on Queen B to deliver. With touching lyrics such as “because you loved me, I overcome, and I’m so proud of what you’ve become”, this is a great song for both father and daughter.

Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely

Stevie himself wrote this song to commemorate the birth of his daughter Aisha, and the love and wonderment he felt. With a voice like an angel this’ll definitely have the both of you tearing up.

The Beatles: In My Life

This heartfelt Beatles hit is bound to bring back all the wonderful memories you’ve shared with your pops. It’s perfect for if you’re looking for something more upbeat and cheerful for your first dance.

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