The Ultimate Editing Playlist for Those Long Summer Days


Whilst many industries begin to slow down over the summer months, the wedding business stops for no man (or season)! If you have a busy photography schedule ahead of you this summer, you’ll be in need of a killer editing playlist to get you through long days (and nights).

The good news: There’s something for everyone on here. We’ve covered all music tastes and all studio setups.

And so, without further ado, switch those speakers on, crank up the volume and let’s get you jamming. Presenting, DBMH’s ultimate editing playlist…

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The DBMH Editing Playlist: Songs to Get You Started

I knew you were waiting (for me) – George Michael, Aretha Franklin

Let’s kick off with an 80s classic! You’ve probably wailed it into a microphone at a karaoke night but we’re hoping it’ll be just what’s needed to get you going with a bang.

You can call me Al – Paul Simon

Another iconic eighties tune, massively underrated in our opinion. It’s the kind of song you recognise, and have heard many times before, but probably wouldn’t think of it as a go-to track. We want to change that – it’s one of our faves!

Pushing 21 – Liv Dawson

Rising star Liv Dawson’s new song mixes pop beats and an ethereal melody with extremely catchy results. Think Ariana Grande vibes, we know you’ll be hearing a lot more from Liv Dawson.

Sucker – Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back and we’re not ashamed to admit we’re totally here for it. Mark our words, you’ll be humming this tune all summer long.

There she goes – The La’s

Taking it back to the 90s, your parents probably had this on cassette tape. Underrated at the time, the song is now considered an absolute BritPop classic.

Tilted – Christine and the Queens

Christine is smashing through all the cliche stereotypes of a girl in a band right now. A singer/songwriter, dancer/choreographer, there’s nothing she isn’t insanely talented at.


Photographer: Ashley Maura


The DBMH Editing Playlist: Songs to Keep You Going

Never too much – Luther Vandross

Taking it back to the heady days of disco, Luther Vandross’ music never ages. As current back then as it is now, the perfect tune to keep you motivated and on the right track. Ahem.

Every little thing she does is magic – The Police

So upbeat! We love this one. Perfect for a good vibes only summer playlist and sure to uplift you when you’re in the midst of editing.

Pretty shining people – George Ezra

George Ezra is the favourite son your parents never had. His latest track is bound to put a smile on your face. It’s ideal easy listening.

Don’t feel like crying – Sigrid

Sigrid is a Norwegian singer and songwriting power house. At the tender age of 22 she’s already produced a string of catchy hits. You’ll be toe tapping along to this one without knowing it.

Dancing on my own – Robyn

To continue the Scandinavian theme, Swedish singer Robyn’s 2010 song has a strong electro beat intro which is bound to catch your attention, hold your focus and keep you powering through your workload.

Hunger – Florence + The Machine

Florence is back and better than ever. Can this woman do no wrong? We love her haunting voice combined with drum beat and memorable lyrics. If you’re already a fan, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s recognisably Florence + The Machine.

Wow – Post Malone

Bringing an urban flavour to the playlist, Post Malone straddles so many genres of music including hip hop, soft rock and dance so his music appeals to even the fussiest of music fans. This song is one of our favourites.


Photographer: Theresa Sherron


The DBMH Editing Playlist: Songs for A Big Finish

Easy lover – Philip Bailey

Guaranteed to perk you up, just when you need it most. You’re coming to the end but haven’t quite finished yet. Take a quick dance break for this one and then get your head down for the home straight.

Purple Rain – Prince

I’m sorry, but anyone who denies singing along (or belting out) this song is a liar. His name is Prince for a reason. An absolute music legend and possibly his most iconic song.

Don’t you (forget about me) – Simple Minds

One of the most iconic movie scenes of all time, the closing credits to “The Breakfast Club” playing to the sound of Simple Minds. An indie tune with an 80s electro sound which never gets old in our eyes.

Feelings – John Newman

Another artist to pop back onto our radar, this song has summer festival written all over it. It will properly get you in the mood for long summer evenings in the sun, just as soon as you have finished that final edit.

Give yourself a try – The 1975

Now you’re in a party mood and winding down the work, The 1975 and their electro come drum beat sounds can be turned up loud and enjoyed whilst you make your final tweaks.

Pompeii – Bastille

You smashed it! Our final song has one of the most recognisable intros of all time. Shout it from the rooftops – you made it! Just don’t forget to hit save… There’s nothing worse than that stomach sinking feeling of losing hours of quality editing.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your Summer ‘19 editing soundtrack. A massive workload can be overwhelming, but if you get your head down and stick on your fave tunes, you’ll power through it in record time.

Another way to stay motivated is to switch up your environment. If you have access to outside space where you can work, a summer breeze can do wonders for your motivation. Don’t be afraid to take your speakers outside and get creative. We’re sure you’ll be ticking off that to-do list in no time!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your workload? Check out this uplifting playlist to improve your mood and boost your confidence.


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