4 wedding photography myths that all couples believe

If you’re getting married soon, chances are you’re on the hunt for an amazing wedding photographer to capture your day. It might not seem like it now, but this decision will be one of the most important that you make for your day. 

Whilst the small details will fade, the images of your wedding will last with you for a lifetime. They’ll be the artefacts you look back on in years to come to relive all those special moments, again and again. 

It’s therefore so important that you get it right. 

In this article we round up the 4 worst wedding photography myths that almost every couple has. Don’t make your wedding photography decisions based on misconceptions. Rather, make the decisions that are right for you, based on fact. Let’s get going…!

Myth #1: Wedding photography is a rip off

Photographer: Barbara Schmid

Ok, so we hear this a lot. We get it. With everything you have to think of, splashing out another $3000+ on a photographer to capture your day seems excessive. After all – they just do what your guests will be doing with their smartphones anyway, right? 

Wrong. So wrong.

Your wedding photographer is one of the most important people in your day. They’ll be with you, behind the scenes, capturing all the subtle emotions of your day. The images they create of your day will be the memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

This kind of makes them priceless. 

A great wedding photographer doesn’t just know how to point and shoot and expensive camera. They know how to capture images that tell stories. Which is exactly what your wedding deserves. After all, what greater love story is there than the day you decide to commit to another human for the rest of your days? 

Along with the time your photographer spends with you on the day, they’ll also spend up to 40 hours of post-production time. This time will be spent curating and editing your images, ready for you to enjoy for a lifetime. So try to think of the cost in absolute terms, from before you work together right through to the moment you receive the images around 6 weeks later. 

Alongside the cost of their time, professional photographers also have a huge investment in terms of equipment and software. This is all necessary to create the very best images of your special day, and is in an indirect way factored into the costs a photographer charges.

Trust us. All too often couples are so disappointed with the result of the images from their day. And this is one of the rare occasions in life when you can’t ever go back for a re-shoot. Don’t compromise on the quality of your images to save a few bucks – we promise you’ll cherish every penny spent when you receive the final images.

The moral of this myth? Don’t skimp on your photographer. 

Myth #2: You can book a photographer after you’ve arranged everything else

Photographer: Erika Diaz

Nooooooo. We can’t stress how wrong this is. 

Great wedding photographers are highly sought after. When they take on a project, they will dedicate a huge chunk of their available time to that one couple. This means their time is extremely limited in any given year. 

Put plainly, good photographers can book up over a year in advance. Don’t leave it too late to get the photographer you’ve always dreamed of. 

It’s also really worth putting in a chunk of time before the wedding to get to know your photographer on a personal level. You’ll want to be 100% at ease with your photographer on the day, so arrange a few Skype calls or visits beforehand.

The moral of this myth: Book your dream photographer as soon as you can! 

Myth #3: You don’t need to set aside that much time on the day for photographs 

Photographer: Nina Larsen Reed

Whilst your photographs shouldn’t dominate your day, it is important to allocate enough time to get the snaps you want. 

It’s easy to underestimate how much time it can take to organize your guests. Those family formals that you think will take 15 mins max can easily stretch into 3x that if your guests aren’t there on time.

To minimize the risk that your photographs time runs over, it’s definitely worth asking a friend or family to take care of organizing guests. Also add a little buffer time of 30-45 minutes throughout your day’s schedule to allow for any shoots that go over. After all, the worst thing would be for you to be rushed, stressed, and miss out on a killer shot. 

The moral of this myth: Allocate 2x the amount of time you think you need for photographs on your day.

Myth #4: A wedding photographer will do exactly what you ask

Every wedding photographer has their own unique brand and style. It’s therefore so important that you work with someone who fits the style you’re hoping to achieve. Don’t work with someone who only ever shoots big, white weddings if you’re having a wild elopement. Or, at least make sure the style of their big, white weddings matches the vibe you want for your elopement. 

A wedding photographer will not just change their aesthetic for you. Just like any creative person, they have their own way of seeing the world, and this reflects in their work.

Carefully select a photographer who matches the general style you have in mind. Check out their Instagram and browse through all portfolio shoots. Be absolutely sure that they are able to deliver the kind of photography you are hoping for before booking.

Another great tip is to have a good chat with a potential photographer to explain exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. If they are enthusiastic, perfect. If not, best to walk away and find another. You’ll be grateful you did in the long run. 

The moral of this myth: Only book a photographer that matches your style.

And there you have it – our wedding photography myth buster. Hopefully this guide helps you make the perfect choice for your day. And remember, always trust your intuition! 

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16 Jul 2018


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