9 Fun Wedding Party Photos to Add to Your Shot List

The people who get chosen as a wedding party are pretty dang special. It’s normally made up of the newlywed’s nearest and dearest, be it brothers, sisters, favorite cousins, best pals, or oldest friends.

And it wouldn’t be a wedding without the gang 💁‍♀️

The wedding party takes some of the stressful planning away in the run-up to the special day — helping to pick the dress, the venue, the party themes, the decor and so on.

They help the couple bid “adieu” to single life.

They’re there to calm the pre-wedding jitters and do anything and everything to help stop those pesky feet from getting cold.

When the newlyweds are looking back on the day, they’ll want photos of the ones who held it all together and helped carry it off without any (serious) hiccups.

That’s why wedding party photos are so vital to documenting the day. You need to capture not only the cheesy smiles or poses, but the relationships and personalities that exist with all the members of the crew.

Want some fun shots to add to the list when shooting with the wedding parties?

If you need some inspiration to help you get those golden shots, we’ve got you covered.

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1) The First Look 👀

Any first look is a special — and oftentimes emotional — moment.

And as a photographer, you get to capture a really beautiful moment shared between the couple, and document the reactions of seeing each other the very first time.

Although a first look usually happens between the soon-to-be-married couple, a super fun idea is to do one with your wedding party too!

In this photo, you get to witness the bridesmaids seeing the beautiful bride for the first time — and their reactions speak for themselves!

Not only will this set the stage for a super special moment of the closest friends seeing the wedding look for the first time, but it will make some pretty adorable photos.

Photographer: Kayla Esparza Photography

2) The Get-Ready-to-Party Pose! 🥂

Capture the excitement and energy from the day with a big cheer from the wedding party!

After you finish your formal shots, get everyone crowded around and close to the happy couple, and on the count of three, celebrate their hearts out! Raise their bouquets, let out a big hooray and get the couple ready to take on their wedding day.

This is sure to document all the fun between friends — and don’t forget to finish it with a kiss between the lovebirds too!

Photographer: Abbi Cooley

3) The Champagne Foam Action Shot 🍾

Wedding photos don’t have to be formal and proper. Sometimes the wedding party just wanna let their hair down together — and what better time to do so than when the “I dos” have been said and done?

It’s not every day that you get to shake up and pop an expensive bottle of champagne, but a wedding day is the perfect excuse!

The champagne foam shot is a fun way to capture this momentous occasion between friends.

To get the timing just right — gently open the bottle of champagne, set up the wedding party how you want them and then ask the couple to spray the champagne! (Quick tip: Have them put their thumb over the opening and shake, shake, shake!)

This action shot just screams fun!

4) The Bridal Assist 👰

A bride shouldn’t have to lift a finger on her wedding day — isn’t that what the bridesmaids are for? 😉

In all fairness, it can be tough to maneuver those wedding dresses! So a helping hand from a loved one is always welcome.

These precious moments are a wonderful memory to document. Getting ready with your best friends is a ritual on any ordinary night out but nothing will beat getting ready together on the morning of the best day of your life!

These shots can include anything from helping out with the shoes, the dress or ensemble, veil shots or anything else along the way!

You might have to run around the room keeping up with these golden moments. But we promise that the outcome will be worth it.

Photographer: Autumn Nicole

5) The Oohs-and-Aah’s Ring Shot 💍

Looking for a funny take on the traditional wedding ring shot?

This melodramatic pose is perfect!

Ask one of the soon-to-be-weds to hold out their hand with the ring — and have the wedding party react!

It’s a bit of harmless teasing and fun-poking from one side of the wedding party to the other.

The outcome is a hysterical shot that will have the wedding party in stitches! 🤣

Photo via Pinterest

6) The Tunnel of Love 💞

Go ahead and line ‘em up for this wholesome wedding party picture.

With friends on either side, get the wedding party to stand in 2 parallel lines facing each other, and raise their hands to create a tunnel for the couple to run through!

This shot perfectly captures the couple’s closest friends coming together to celebrate and support the loved-up duo.

Photo via Pinterest

7) The Group Cheers! 🥂

Here’s the happy couple! 🍻

Whether you decide to cheers some bubbly or do a group chug, a toast to the couple is a great way to calm nerves, get into the spirit and have some fun with the whole party!

Line up the group in a fun or creative way (see photo above!) or capture them in their natural element.

Chances are, you’re going to document a super fun moment between the couple and their pals getting ready to celebrate the big day ahead!

Photographer: Yeri Photo

8) The Sparkler Shot 🎇

As the evening progresses and the sun sets on the beautiful wedding day, we begin to lose natural light.

But don’t fret. We’ve got the perfect idea for a night-time shot.

That’s right… sparklers! ✨

Hand out the sparklers among the wedding party and have your couple run down the middle — this creates the most magical background.

This can be a fun activity during the reception, or part of the grand exit with all your guests!

For extra points, get the couple to kiss in the middle and end of the tunnel for some super gorgeous shots! 😉

9) The Pick-Up Pose! 🙌

What better way to lift up your couple in love than literally lift them up!

Raise them up in the air while cheering them on — this is sure to spark genuine smiles, laughter and pure joy amongst the couples and their crew!

And that’s a wrap!

Hopefully you’ve found some gems to add into the ideas bank for photographing the wedding party at your next big-day gig.

Don’t forget, the wedding party might just be considering hiring you for their own future weddings, so make sure to sweep them off their feet.

If you’re loving these ideas and want to explore some more, we’ve got a ton of wedding photography inspo just waiting for you to peruse.

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30 Jul 2021


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