These First Look pictures will make your heart melt

This is a very special blog post: it’s the first of our Monthly Challenge Series.

In case you missed it over on Facebook, each month we set a different theme, and then it’s over to you guys to create, submit and share your magic! Winning entries get a feature on the blog with full credits.

The first theme in our Monthly Challenge Series was First Looks, and we are so excited to share the epic entries with you.

When it comes to wedding photography, there is nothing that warms our hearts more than First Looks. In fact, we challenge you not to look at first look shots without getting a little bleary eyed. First Look come tops fo  intimacy and emotion. It gives couples the chance to share a moment all to themselves before the wedding day buzz begins, and to exchange a few words in private and calm each other’s nerves before all eyes are on them.

Next month, we’re all about the Magic of the Mountains. Head over to our Facebook group and get involved in our next Monthly Challenge: #MountainCrush

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07 Nov 2018


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