Finding Summer Love Is Magical – Here’s How to Heat Yours Up

If proper relationships are like running a marathon, finding summer love is more like a 100m sprint. We get it: You two only have a limited amount of time together.

And there’s certainly no two ways about it: relationships take time to blossom and flourish. Building up intimacy, learning what makes the other person ‘tick’, their sense of humor and their favorite pastimes… it’s a process.

But what about when you’re trying to find summer love? Ah… well now that’s a different thing entirely.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s okay if you secretly hope for your summer fling to last well into the autumn and beyond. But for the here and now, you just want to have fun.

These 5 tips will help you heat things up and make sure this summer will be one for the books.

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Adrenaline-Raising Activities Can Amp Up the Volume

Intense, adrenaline-raising experiences makes it easier to bond and develop deeper feelings for someone. Don’t believe us? It has been scientifically proven.

And with the weather being great in the summer months, the sky is literally the limit on the things you could do together. How about bungee jumping? Or skydiving?

Not really a fan of scary sports? No stress. Adrenaline rushes comes in all shapes and sizes.

You don’t have to engage in an activity that terrifies you just to get in the mood! You do you and choose your own adventure – no matter how big or small.

Perhaps you can just explore the nature near you: go on hiking trips, surf, puddle-board… Check out these five adventures to get you started and remember to put all that adrenaline rush to good use later!

Could Food Be the Answer to Your Quest For Finding Summer Love?

Your momma has probably told you that “food is the way to the heart”. Well, as with many other things, your momma is right on this one.

Indulging in culinary adventures with your summer fling not only can bring you closer by creating sensory memories (which are the most powerful kind of memories), but also literally work as an aphrodisiac.

For instance, did you know that these 5 foods can help enrich your sex life?

If you’re in the midst of a summer romance, make a conscious decision to explore the local cuisine together. You’ll get to learn about one another, andyou’ll have tons of excuses for endless date nights (and days!).

Even if you met in the city, you can still try out different restaurants and food trucks. Bonus tip to turn up the heat: feed each other something delicious before sharing a kiss.

Photographer: Lia and Lau

Skinny Dip Your Way To A Great Love Affair

One of the best things about any couple’s first vacationis the amount of time you’re sans clothing. Spending time naked underwater is relaxing and will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin — and there’s nothing more erotic than that.

So why not take advantage of the balmy weather and go for a swim in the nude? Trust us, there’s nothing more freeing (and sexy) than letting the waves wash over you. Are you city bound? No problem. Heading a private pool for an afternoon may be all you need!

Love On Your Own Terms

It’s summertime, the living shouldbe easy. Let go of any restrictions on when or where you should do things.

It’s never too late to meet for dinner, and you can have your first cocktail at any time you please. When you’re on the hunt for summer love, anything goes.

You probably don’t have to balance dating with work during summer, which allows for more spur of the moment decisions. These moments are spontaneity are always the ones that lead to fun times.

(But hey, if you’re finding summer love around work commitments, we got your back)

Do you want to spend all day dancing and watch the sunset while eating corn dogs? Great! Do you want to meet up for a night dive (see above)? Also, great!

There is no such thing as ‘too early’ or ‘too late’ in the day when you are living in the now. And being unconventional in dating is a surefire way to keep your partner on their toes and create unforgettable moments.

Share A Sexual Fantasy To Heat Up Your Summer Love

You have probably heard of the old adage: “quality over quantity”. Now is the time to implement it.

See, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been together that long, or if deep down you know you will part ways in the autumn. Your summer relationship can still be incredibly sexually fulfilling for both of you, but you must be honest with yourself and each other for that to happen.

Don’t wait for your partner to guess your needs and desires: take charge and tell them what you want in bed and beyond. After all, research has shown that women who are willing to take charge in relationships are luckier in love.

What was the one thing you always wanted to try and never dared to until now? Even if you don’t actually go ahead with it, sharing your sexual fantasies will bring you that much closer.

Opening up about the sexy stuff will allow you to get to know each other better — and will make it mucheasier to talk to them about anything else outside of the bedroom. Which will come in handy, if by the end of summer, you want to confess your crush.

Who knows, maybe you’ll wind up taking your summer relationship to the next stage and season…

Want even more fun ways to spend hot summer nights with your special someone? How about these 5 outdoor date ideas?

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15 Aug 2019


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