Gorgeous Autumnal Elopement Shoot in the Pacific Northwest

What do you get if you combine a breathtaking mountain backdrop with a freestanding open fireplace, autumnal hues and a dash of pagan chic?

Utter gorgeousness, as shown by this beautiful styled mountain elopement shoot by Pacific Northwest-based wedding photographer, Corrie Mahr.

We love this shoot because it showcases how dramatic and tailor-made mountain elopements can be. With a bit of ingenuity and determination, who says you can’t bring your fireplace outdoors? Or create a magical flower tipi for your vows? Or create a seated banquet, overlooking a valley? Corrie has reminded us that there really is no limit to the artistry that you can create when you put your mind to it, no matter how remote the location may be.

Despite being a styled set, there’s something so relaxed about the whole vibe of the shoot. Everything feels inspired by nature, by earth, by simplicity. It really makes us feel like we’re being transported back to days gone by.

What we love most is the way that color evokes emotion in the shoot. The autumnal color scheme makes the rich green of the forest, the deep brown of the mountain and the intense blue of the sea soar. It reminds us of cosy nights by a roaring campfire and adventures on the road. It’s everywhere and nowhere we’ve been before, all at the same time.

Are you thinking of having a mountain elopement in the Pacific Northwest? If so, badass story-teller and creative soul, Corrie is your girl. Head to Corrie Mahr Photography to see more of her work.

Photographer: Corrie Mahr Photography Instagram: @corriemahrphoto |  Planner: Mop+MapleCeremony Location: Columbia River Gorge | Floral Designer: Nature Rules | Wedding Dress Designer: Free People 

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16 May 2018


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