Signs that someone is into you (after just one date)

If you recently went on a first date and felt sparks fly, it’s only natural that now you’re probably wondering…well… are they into you? 

People tend to keep their cards close to their chest after a first date – and especially with someone they like. You don’t want to come off too keen, or too desperate, so often people wait for someone else to make the first move. The good news is there are signs they’re into you to look out for to try and figure out where you stand. Let’s take a closer look at what they are…

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They made the date longer

Most first dates have a clear end point. It could be the end of a meal, or getting to a particular destination (if you go for a walk, for example). But ultimately, unless you’re pretty confident you’re going to like this person’s company for longer than 10 minutes, first dates tend to have defined beginning and end. 

But we’ve all been in that situation where we’re having so much fun we just don’t want it to end.  If your date was feeling those kind of good feels, then perhaps they even suggested doing something after the initial date activity ended. Perhaps it was some cocktails after dinner, or maybe heading back to someone’s place to Netflix and chill (wink wink). 

Extending the date (or even suggesting to) is a great sign that this person really enjoys your company. So much so that they want more of it. 

They suggest a spontaneous get together

When you first start hooking up with someone, everything tends to be pretty formal. It’s planned date nights, at planned times, in planned places.

When that starts to become more informal, you’re onto a winner. If you receive an unexpected text asking if you’re free to hang out – that’s a great sign. These are signs that – of all the people in their lives – this person wants to spend their free time with you. 

Informal and impromptu get togethers are also the perfect opportunity to start to really get to know each other, outside of the polished veneer of the date set up. If they start to see you with your latte milk moustache and still think you’re cute, they’re probably into you.

They send you a giddy post-date text

Picture the scene: you had an amazing date. You laughed all night. The drinks were flowing and the company was great. You part ways at your doorstep – perhaps there was even a little kiss (okay…it was a big one). 

Then you hear your phone beep, and it’s them, telling you how much they enjoyed their night. Aside from getting the excited belly flutters, this should signal to you that they’re pretty into you. This is someone who’s not interested in waiting around to let you know how they feel. They’re being emotionally open and honest with you, which is an indicator that you can comfortably do the same in return.

Photographer: Clarisse Meyer

They mirror your body language

Body language speaks volumes about what’s unconsciously going on in someone’s mind. And when it comes to attraction, our bodies give away a huge amount of how we feel.

Mirroring is one of the most common examples of this. This is where someone – unsurprisingly – mirrors or mimics your actions, often totally unconsciously, to let bond with you. This can be anything from copying the way you move your body, to ordering the same food as you. 

Don’t believe us? Touch your hair or face next time you’re together and see if they copy you in response. You’d be surprised…

They look into your eyes

Deep eye contact is one of the most powerful ways of creating a connection with another person. 

In fact, according to research, holding someone’s gaze has been proven to create attraction. Scientists at the University of Aberdeen in Scortalnd found that looking into someone’s eyes dramatically alters other’s behavior, causing responses like smiling, touching, and increased attentiveness.

So if you notice that your date is giving you a meaningful eye gaze, or looking into your eyes as you talk, it’s a sign they’re definitely into you (and want you to be into them, too) 

Whilst these pointers will be helpful guides in figuring out if they are into you – don’t treat them as gospel. Every relationship and every person is unique, and so it follows that there is no golden rule to tell how they feel. Chances are, if you’re into them, they probably felt something too. Pluck up the courage to ask them out on a second date, and who knows where it might take you!

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04 Oct 2018


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