Thank You Gifts That Will Have Your Bridesmaids in Tears

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. From finding that perfect dress to saying “I do”, it’s a magical event. Bridesmaids are essential to every wedding and they take on a lot of duties.

They’re your planners, support and will stand by your side on the big day. If you’ve been a bridesmaid before, then you understand that it’s a hard job. If you have a killer bride tribe that you want to thank for their love and support, then a bridesmaid gift could be just the answer. We’ve rounded up the best thank you gifts that will not only have your bridesmaids in tears, but will also show your girls how much you appreciate their support.

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Experience Gifts

If you really want to show your bridesmaids you care, then do it with an experience day. Yes, jewelry will always be popular, but think outside the box and treat them to something spectacular.

Spa Days

Nothing beats a day at the spa. There are so many luxurious treatments to choose from and it’s a great time to say thank you and tell your friends about the honeymoon. Why not go all out and take them to a spa in an adventurous or unusual location? We recently found out about forest spas and are totally sold. Their unique treatments include forest bathing and hikes – what could be better than a combo like that? Here are some excellent spas in the forest.

Scavenger Hunt

Do something fun and set up a scavenger hunt for your bridesmaids. There are loads of ideas for bachelorette parties, so all you need to do is get creative and tailor one to your friends.

Adventure Days

If your bridesmaids enjoy being active, then there are hundreds of adventure days to choose from. Whether it’s bungee jumping, race car driving or flying lessons you’ll find excellent activities here.

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Meaningful Gifts

Personalized gifts will always be a favourite for many because they show you care. Here are some fantastic personalized gifts that will show your bridesmaids how special they are.

Best Bridesmaid Certificate

Show your care about your bridesmaids by giving them a tailor-made certificate on the big day. There are loads around, but we love this Thank You Certificate from Eskimo Kiss Designs.

Thank You Candles

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift that your bridesmaids can use, then check out this candle from Lollyrocket Candle Co. It’s a great gift because the candle has a personalized label and your friends will remember your wedding every time they light it.

Personalized Mug

Candles might not be for everyone, but your bridesmaids are sure to enjoy a personalized mug. This one from Sophia Victoria Joy is sweet and simple and your friends will love it.

Bridesmaid Glass

Give your bridesmaids something they’ll use, like this personalized glass. You can engrave your wedding date, your bridesmaid’s name and your own to make it more special.

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Budget Bridesmaids Gifts

Being strapped for cash doesn’t mean you can’t find some lovely gifts for your bridesmaids. Here are some for under £15.

Love Heart Earrings

Sophie Jones sells these gorgeous heart-shaped earrings, which are perfect for day or evening wear. Better still the box comes with a thank-you message.

Bridesmaid Floral Bag

Combine convenience with a loving gift and buy your bridesmaids a shopping bag. You can pay more to get each one personalized, but this one from Kelly Connor Design suits people on a budget and it still has a Bridesmaid theme.

Bridesmaid Bath Bomb

Being a bridesmaid is hard work! Why not give your friends a gift which helps them to relax? Everyone loves bath bombs, and this one has a thank-you message. She will love it and it shows you care.

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Luxury Bridesmaids Gifts

You want to treat your bridesmaids right? They worked hard, supported you and deserve something special! Here are some luxury gifts that will have them in tears.

Prosecco Gift Bag

This Prosecco Gift Set is perfect for your bridesmaids if they love Prosecco. It includes a notebook, chocolates, bath salts and a bottle of Prosecco.

Make Your Own Perfume Set

If you’re looking for a unique gift, then a perfume making kit is a great choice. We all like to smell nice, and your bridesmaids won’t be expecting this set from The Perfume Studio.

Gin Hamper

Gin lovers will adore this hamper from Pinkster. A gin and tonic is the perfect way to relax after the big day, and your bridesmaids will appreciate the thought you put into their gift.

Leather Album

Your bridesmaids will want to remember the big day, so why not get them a leather scrapbook album? They can put photos and other souvenirs from your wedding in the album and keep them safe.

Personalized Silk Pajamas

Nothing says luxurious like silk pajamas. Choose these white pajamas from Mini Lunn and put your bridesmaid’s initials on them.

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing for your bridesmaid gifts. Are you also looking for the perfect robes for your girl gang? Here are our tips for the best places to buy your bridesmaid dresses, without breaking the bank.

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